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Blowing Walls Wherever Ya Wanna

A training tool for breachers debuted at the NTOA Breaching Symposium recently. The Mobile Breaching Platform from Mike Gibson Manufacturing allows units with limited range space to set up and train pretty much wherever they want. They can then conduct mechanical, ballistic or explosive breaches just as quickly as new doors, windows or walls can be replaced—which is pretty damn quick. One of our abject minionsauthorized handlers recently talked to Keith Mengle, the man behind the MBP and head of the MGM Breaching Division.

Often LE agencies don’t have room for a dedicated breaching facility. They have to travel. We thought, if they have access to a traditional range, a rock quarry, a field somewhere, whatever, they can take the MBP and get right to training…set it up with door frames, wall frames, whatever they need…
Hanging plywood to some 4x4s is inexpensive but hardly true-to-life, and packing everyone off to a true breaching range is expensive and time intensive. MGM hopes the MBP will offset some of those LIMFACs.

We’re reaching out to units that don’t have the background…the maintenance and sustainment tail usually lags way behind the mission profile in units having to do it,” said Mengle, “We want to condense the timetable.
The MBP is customizable. It can be towed by a ¾ ton truck to the local LE training site or transported via airflow to the AOR.

This mobility lends itself to multi-jurisdictional training events, FID missions overseas or sustainment training at a FOB. Single or double brick or solid concrete, teams can build as many different doors as they like ahead of time and, given a forklift, go loud as many times as they want. (Alternately they can mix in shotgun breaches on an actual solid core door with a working lockset so they know their TTPs are solid.)

Here's some video of guys trying it out. FYI the next explosive weight on the pictures is 3.4 lbs.

“We’re also developing a skid package,” Mengle added, “so you can blow the wall and follow up with entries.”

Their goal is to support training two ways—first, sell the actual MBPs to units who need one, second, provide MBPs at training events with attendant personnel.

Pictures and video courtesy of Scott Gilvin. More pics and video here.

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