Army Ditches Beret



Well, well, well...

In a move many might put in the "it's about time" category, the Army has decided to ditch the black beret worn by all Soldiers. Be sure to check out all the details on in this morning's headlines.

I remember when this Shinseki debacle was first implemented near the end of his tenure and the, what I considered reasonable, reaction by the 'elite' forces who wore berets that they earned...particularly the Rangers who wore black berets at the time.

I agreed that in America at least, berets were a symbol of the elite, and trying to water down that symbolism by giving a beret to all meant it didn't symbolize anything at all. Well finally the service has come back to its senses and will ditch the beret. Now the question is, will the Rangers go back to black, or will they stick with the tan? I vote for tan...

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