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Tactical Tailor Intends to Fight Light

A few months ago a handful of people from Tactical Tailor, including several decision makers and one former Stryker guy with a prominent supraorbital ridge, went to DC to meet with Big Army. There, amidst talk of body armor weight and the difficulties of humping kit through the mountains, the message was Go lighter. You gotta go lighter.

They paid attention, and will soon release the Fight Light series of packs and LBE.Tactical Tailor Fights Light

Fight Light is intended to dramatically reduce the weight of an individual soldier’s load-out. We called GW Ayers of Tactical Tailor and he filled us in.

Basically we took a ‘snapshot’ of grunt kitted up and asked ourselves, what can we make here to fight light? So we took twenty of the most popular line items to the SOF and conventional market and started there.
Those items include the operator packs, mag panels, 7.62 pouches, roll up dump pouch, et al. “If a guy needs to set up for SCAR heavy, he can do it,” GW told us, “and if he’s just running an M4 he can do that as well—we’re starting with all the necessary pouches.”

How did they reduce weight and will it take a beating? Apparently they’re using lighter weight fabrics and design input from the outdoor industry, reinforcing the wear stress points and places where the integrity of the lighter weight fabrics might come into question. They promise approximately 30% reduction in weight without sacrificing durability.

When you pick up a 3-day pack in 1,000 denier nylon and compare it to one from the Fight Light line you’ll notice it.
In addition to lighter weight, the cost has been reduced by nearly 10-15% on the new line. TT attributes this to improved efficiency and lean manufacturing lessons learned at the factory.

They hope to release Fight Light in late May. Initially it will be Multi-Cam and ATACS only, but they foresee coyote brown series within 90 days and will provide other patterns to customers if needed.

If the new gear is as light as they claim, and as rugged as the grunts need it, then this could be a really Good Thing for the guys on the ground.

Mad Duo Clear

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