Snipers Like La Rue Optimized Battle Rifle


While not an official endorsement or anything like that -- and just a truly personal opinion -- some of the Army Special Forces sniper instructors I talked to last week had good words for the La Rue Tactical Optimized Battle Rifle (and for La Rue products overall).

As you know, we reported in late April that the Army had asked manufacturers for the ideas to improve the Knights Armament M110 7.62 sniper rifle with lighter components and possibly a shorter barrel.

A couple of the sniper instructors I talked to said the La Rue OBR would be a strong contender for that contract, with one saying its an extremely accurate gas gun with good reliability. I saw one very similar to the one pictured above in one of the team lockers, but with a Magpul Precision Rifle Stock installed instead of a fixed solid stock.

I know very little about La Rue products, but I have heard they have a good reputation in the Army SF sniper community. We'd be interested to see what our readers think should be a contender for the M110 replacement, so forward your ideas in the comments section and we'll put together a poll...

Happy Memorial Day and we hope this post inspires you to head out to the range!

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