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Inside the Phantom Med Kit


I'm wrapping up a few more posts from the ADS Warrior Expo and wanted to make sure you guys got a look at the Phantom Med Kit.

I spoke with the guys at Tactical Medical Solutions for a couple of minutes about their kit (they also have a great soft litter system) during the show. It's always nice to see former war fighters leveraging their real world knowledge (both are Army 18 Delta types...insane training) to make meaningful kit.

The training these guys get at that school is amazing. I won't get into it or I'll have PETA all over me.

I'm no medic but I've had battlefield trauma training, seen plenty of carnage up close (can give myself an IV!) and a lot of kits on the market don't have good content..period. The Phantom is an exception. Simple and effective.

See below for what's inside....Brandon out.

Kit Contents:

1 x HALO (2 halo seals) 1 x Combat Gauze Z-Folded 1 x 14GA x 3.25" MOJO DART 1 x NPA with lube 28FR 1 x Compressed gauze 1 x Control Wrap 4" 1 x Gloves 1 pair XL

Dimension: 5" x 7" x 1.5 inches thick.

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