Kit Up!

Got Any Good Zombie Wackin' Stories?


...if so, then the weirdos at Breach Bang Clear want to hear 'em.

We are now accepting short story submissions and training articles for: ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIE HIPPIES

Undead beatniks of the Zombiepocalypse and other stories © 2011

*Proceeds to support the Independence Fund ( and veterans who have suffered extensive traumatic injury.*

800 word minimum, 20,000 word maximum (unless it’s so good and full of zombie killing, hippie stomping goodness it makes us want to make an exception). Should take place between 1965 and the present.

Make sure your stories are over the top violent and that the gear and guns described in them are technically accurate:
Don’t have a character take the safety off a revolver or brain some zombie beatnik with the wooden stock of an M4A3.
First draft due NLT 31 July 11. Submissions should be in the form of a Word document or PDF in an attachment to Find out more details at Show Full Article

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