Generate Your Own Power With The nPower PEG


This could be a sweet piece of kit. Last week Ben Brooks from Tremont Electric stopped by Military.Com's offices to give us the download on the new nPower PEG -- a light-weight, portable generator for powering your smart phone and other hand-held electronics.

The nPower PEG uses what's known as passive kinetic energy charging technology. You throw it in your pack and it generates power from your movement, whether you are walking, running or performing other physical activity. Then you hook it up to your gadgets with a USB cable when you need extra juice.

The Marine Corps and the Army plan to test it out as a possible solution to their power-management woes.

Christian is currently testing one out on travel and plans to post a review at a later date. Check out this Military.Com video starring Christian and Ben discussing the nPower PEG.


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