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Exclusive Video: Army SF Day/Night Assault


Kit Up spent two days with Soldiers from the Army's Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg this week and got an exclusive look at their sniper school and Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance, Target Analysis and Target Exploitation Techniques Course -- the school that teaches non-Delta operators how to be assaulters for the Commander's In-extremis Force.

The video we posted today includes a day and night takedown in an urban scenario (first is at Range 37, the second is at Range 74). The operations were the culmination exercises for both SFARTAETC and SFSC. For security reasons we won't go into too many details, but the exercises combined sniper hides with takedowns initiated by sniper kills.


We'll have another video of the sniper school final exam in the next couple days and more Kit Up! gear content from the instructor cadre. So, stay tuned!...

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