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Bin Laden is an American Win


Islamic Fundamentalism and Fundamentalism as a whole is the root cause behind this Asymmetric War on Terror we face moving forward into the new century. Fundamentalism and Certainty are not winning philosophies---just ask the people who mocked Galileo (under house arrest) for defending his Heliocentric Theory. They might think differently today...

We should take notice of root causes in this war and work at removing the bad tree, not just cutting off the most attractive fruit.

No person represented fundamentalism better than Osama Bin Laden. I'm glad that the American people had the resolve (and the finest fighting force on the planet) to take him out. I wish I could have seen his face when he heard the first flash bang go off and the sound of short accurate bursts of gun fire as he realized his end was coming swiftly. While the SEALs (and that furry little laser guided missile/Belgian dog) got the spotlight, Delta could have easily got that raid and would have been just as capable.

It's also important to acknowledge all the men and women in uniform for their sacrifice and support. And more importantly, all of America should be proud. 9-11 affected every American in a unique way and it takes a citizen majority to politically support this kind of objective for a decade.

I'm proud to wear the SEAL Trident, proud to be a part of the American Special Operations community and more importantly proud to be an American citizen.


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