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bin Laden Armed When Killed


We're hearing from two sources that bin Laden had a weapon during the assault where he was double tapped to the left eye by frogmen.

It is still unclear whether he was actually pulling the trigger on his Kalashnikov (or pistol, still not sure) when the door kickers killed him, but suffice it to say the assaulters faced an armed enemy in the al Qaeda leader.

We also heard from Pentagon sources that the SEALs were engaging almost the entire time through their search of the compound.

It's confirmed that the four bad guys killed in the assault were the courier and his brother, (son) Khalid bin Laden and one of UBL's wives who was "placed in such a way as to act like a human shield" for the terror mastermind.

The White House said that the SEALs had "multiple opportunities" to practice the assault on a mockup of the compound, but administration officials wouldn't specify how many or where they were located.

"When they hit that compound, they had already trained against it many times," said WH counter-terrorism czar John Brennan. "The outside features [of the compound] had been studied intensively ... and assessments were made as to where bin Laden and his family would be."

He also said that the house was "clearly different than any other compound out there. It looked like a fortress."


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