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Benchmade Mini Onslaught Looks Good


We like knives like fat girls like chocolate, but we’re not particularly fans of the big knives. There’s a place for blades of all sizes, but how often do you really something as long as your arm and suitable for Aldo Raine? There are those who’d disagree and don’t mind humping eleventeen pounds of lethal cutlery, but not us.

For us, a good knife is a tool first and tertiary weapon second. That’s one of the reasons we were happy to see the new Benchmade’s 746 Mini-Onslaught.

The original Onslaught, designed by Bob Lum and winner of the 2010 Academy of Excellence Knife of the Year, was an excellent knife. The Mini appears to carry that tradition on in an appropriate-for- pants-pocket-carry fashion.

At nearly an inch shorter and three ounces lighter than its predecessor, the Mini is nicely sized for carry on its own or as a secondary. The edge is beveled nicely, the grip is ergonomic and you can open in ambidextrously with one thumb. The ones we received had no play in the blade, the locks were secure but easily manipulated and the edges (not surprisingly) were damn sharp straight from the factory.

At first glance, the only things we see that some users might want to change are the texture of the grip (it’s pretty smooth) and the pocket clip. The latter is not reversible, allowing only for tip up carry (though you can remove it). This doesn’t bother us, but some might want to modify it. Lastly, it’s not even remotely balanced for throwing, but unless you’re a mall ninja or following an Op Order scripted by John Wu or Quentin Tarantino that really isn’t a consideration is it?

We’re going to put a couple of these through their paces, but our initial impression is a definite thumbs-up. The Mini Onslaught may not be suitable for doing battle corps a corps alongside the Bear Jew, but it’s perfect for clipping inside uniform or pants pocket and carrying around.

Mad Duo Clear!

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