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Weekend Outbrief

Here are some stories we didn't hit at Kit Up! last week:

UK Defense Ministry Pays for Some Troops' Breast Reductions

In this chest pounder, our boys from Breach Bang Clear spotted this doozy from the UK MOD saying some troops of the female persuasion got the surgery because they couldn't wear body armor properly. Talk about going in the wrong direction...

SOCOM 4 to Hit Shelves Next Week

The latest in the SOCOM franchise from Zipper Interactive, SOCOM 4 features updated gear, tactics and combat environments that'll give any FPS addict an itchy trigger finger. Couple that with the Full Deployment Edition that delivers a submachine gun controller for the Playstation Move system and you'll be heading for BUDS in no time.

MAGPUL Cool Guy School

We want to go SO bad...

Best Ranger Competition 2011 Live

Be sure to watch the steely-eyed, harder than woodpecker lips bad asses in this year's Best Ranger competition live throughout the weekend. We're in awe of these guys and wish the best to all who compete.

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