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We'll be attending the 2011 Milblogging Conference today and if anything pops, we'll post (I have an interview with former SecDef Rumsfeld before his address)...

But here are some things we didn't write about last week from our friends in the blogosphere and elsewhere:

Coast Guard Could be Getting 8-Point Cap

We got a tip that this might be happening from an alert Kit Up! reader. We're checking on the RUMINT and will post when we have the facts.

Sick Combat Action in Misrata

Holy crap! I wouldn't want to be on those streets with the idiots firing AA guns out of the back of a pickup. Kudos to the reporters and photographers who are running around those streets.

Make Your Pistol Childproof for Free

An interesting idea for the gun owner who has kids...and it's free!

Industry Group Promotes Soldier Gear Dollar Set-Asides

Our friends at Soldier Systems Daily take a look at growing momentum in industry to include a gear line item in defense budgets.

Thanks to our friends at Strike-Hold! for the cool photo we posted above...

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