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Triple Aught Designs' New Force 10 Cargo Pants


We got a notice late on Friday that Triple Aught Designs -- better known by gear geeks like us as TAD-Gear -- has released a newly designed version of their innovative Force 10 Cargo pant.

Refinements over the current Force 10 pant include a more streamlined (read: less bulk) cut and a 50/50 NyCo blend "made to military specifications including the manufacturer, weave and machines that made them. Perfectly blending the durability of nylon with the breathability of cotton..."

  • Eight pockets provide storage with easy access including cargo pockets with an external top slot that enables you to carry large linear items in your cargo pocket such as a longer flashlight, ruler or hammer
  • D-Rings on the front belt loop for attaching accessories and keys
  • Gusseted crotch enhances range of motion
  • Knee pockets for inserting T-Pro Knee Armor for use in tactical, work or mechanical contexts when you need to drop to a knee or knees to complete a task
  • Taped buttons have greater staying power and allow for quick and easy field repair without a needle and thread using the accompanying slotted self-repairing button.
  • Reinforced knees and pocket clip patches
One thing I want to add is that I had the opportunity to visit TAD president Patrick Ma at his store in a newly gentrified neighborhood of San Francisco. Patrick really is one of those outside the box designers and clearly sails his own race when it come to developing products.

With a background in military and hardcore outdoor pursuits (he was in the Cali NatGuard back in the '80s and an alpine climber and big game hunter) Ma said he tries to build clothing that can meet a variety of needs -- everything from long-range offroading to personal security details in Kabul and Kandahar. He draws on classic lines of the explorers of yore with some modern twists (take a look at the Legionnaire pant and the OSNS Jacket which traces its lineage to Forest Service uniforms with the addition of pistol mag dividers and a handcuff key pocket in the hemline)...

TAD has generously provided Kit Up! with a review sample of their NyCo Force 10 pants (and also soon a 'shorts' version) and we'll be sure to let you know what our hands on impressions are as soon as we get them.

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