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Target Packages in 3D


I recently had a chance to speak with a high level contact at General Atomics about next gen target packages. For those of you that aren't familiar with General Atomics (a privately held company), they are pioneers of unmanned military aviation and owners of the pervasive Predator line. I've heard that if they stopped taking orders for the Predator, they would still have have over a decade of back orders to fill. Not bad...

What caught my eye was their next generation 3-D target packaging currently being fielded by US SOCOM units overseas.  The system uses proprietary software combined with specialized optics to produce amazing target package imagery. I personally had a chance to put on the 3-D glasses and was amazed at how the overhead imagery suddenly sprang to life.  You could easily see building elevation heights, hills, difference in potential LZ heights and more....This will certainly give mission commanders increased situational awareness and should be in play at all levels, not just the Spec Ops community.  Enjoy...


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