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Sailors Want MultiCam in Afghanistan


Kit Up! just got off aphone interview roundtable with outgoing PEO Soldier commander Brig. Gen. Pete Fuller where he hinted that Sailors in Afghanistan may soon be issued the OEF Camo uniforms now being worn by the Army and Air Force in theater.

Fuller is about to join the staff in Kabul with the combined security transition command and when he did some interviews with his staff in theater, he noticed some weird insignia on a "major" he was talking to.

I saw a "Don't Tread on Me" patch where the unit patch should go on this major wearing ACUs. I wondered what unit that was and then I noticed his tape said "US Navy." I realized right then this is one fight. The Navy guys want OCP too.
Fuller said it's likely that Sailors serving in Afghanistan will be issued MultiCam uniforms as are the Air Force and Army, since right now they wear Army ACUs in UCP when serving in augmentee billets. One has to wonder whether this is part of the delay in the Navy's decision on which Navy working uniform Sailors will be issued in desert combat environments -- that is Sailors who are not in the NSW community.

Fuller, who's soon to relinquish command of PEO Soldier to Brig. Gen. Camille Nichols, also said that last week the Afghanistan grand master himself, Gen. David Petraeus, was issued his own brand new set of OCP duds. We can't wait to see pics of The Man wearing MultiCam!

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