Rail-Mounted Bottle Opener


You’re clearing shamblers after the Zombiepocalypse. You’ve just put a hammer pair into the pallid, slack-jawed face of a dead skateboard kid in skinny jeans and a peace symbol t-shirt, cleared the rest of the structure and called a LACE report in to the TOC they set up back at the abandoned adult novelty shop.

There’s sweat rolling down your face, cutting tracks in the grime and you’re trembling with the after-effects of the adrenaline dump and exhaustion. What you and the rest of your team need, what you deserve is a cold beer from the ice chest in the back of your ALSV. 

Luckily for you, just before the virus got out of control you got yourself one of J &T Distributing’s ‘Tactical Bottle Opener and Sling Mount.'

It mounts anywhere you want on a Picatinny rail to provide a solid ring for mounting a weapon sling, and should you need it, there’ a curved lip on the other end that can be used as a pry lever.

You can use it for whatever you’d like, but the best most tacticool application is of course to pop the top on a bottle of your chosen brew. MSRP is $14.99, available at JT Distributing, Brownell’s or several other of the usual places. 

Mad Duo Clear

[Editor's Note: I'd like to introduce the Mad Duo -- Richard 'Swingin' Dick' Kilgore and Jake 'Slim' Call -- to Kit Up! readers. They've agreed at long last to carve some time away from training with Chuck Norris and working PSD for Sasha Grey so they could write a few posts for us here and there. They run a great site over at Breach Bang Clear and I'd encourage you all to support their efforts.]

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