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Modular Tactical Rail for 1911s


My mad scientist friend Dave Woroner invented a configurable picatinny rail system for the Beretta M9 a few years ago and followed up the success of his previous incarnation with a similar model for the 1911 pistol.

The so-called CX-1 TacRail will be first offered in a single rail option with more configurations to follow.

The initial release of the CX-1 will be a single rail, lower only version, but just as the Beretta model is offered in single lower as well as lower-and-upper double rail versions, the 1911 rail will be released in a double-rail version at a later date as the model CX-2. The innovative modular design of the CX-2 permits the shooter to remove and reinstall the upper rail without tedious re-sighting, plus allows ambidextrous installation. This is designed to be especially useful for Spec-Ops Teams, IPSC, Steel Challenge and Pin Shooting Competitors.
The CX-1 and CX-2 will be offered on Dave's Gear4Opsweb site along with other rifle and pistol accessories only a "rocket man" can come up with. Show Full Article

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