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Military History Professor: GI Joe


Kit Up! readers know how jealous we are of our friends at Breach Bang Clear who signed on the two pint-sized dynamos dubbed "The Mad Duo."

We tried to flack a weak B Team back before the Afghan embed, but those guys constantly showed up drunk to the set, and it turned out they'd padded their resumes a bit so we had to give 'em the boot.

Well it looks as if Swingin' Dick Kilgore and Jake "Slim" Call might have a little retro competition with a new set of wee warriors who tell of combat exploits past.

The end of August and the arrival of September found the American Marines on Guadalcanal battered, tired, but none the less alive and continually ready to fight. The success of the Tenaru River battle bolstered the Marines fighting spirit; but by no means were the Americans enjoying the comfort of complete victory. The Japanese bombed the Marines at Henderson Field from the air daily; and the Japanese command knew that the only way to achieve victory was to land more troops on the island, then to take Henderson Field as soon as possible, therefore annihilating the Americans, placing the island once and for all under complete Japanese control.
I'm not a big history buff, but I thoroughly enjoyed GI Joe Live and get a kick out of the photography and set design. Kind of a cool way to tell a story while still having a little fun. Show Full Article

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