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While I was searching for pics to illustrate the Crye post from yesterday, I ran across a couple interesting pics of MARSOC leathernecks in Afghanistan.

The first pic is intriguing because I'd like to know what kind of rifle that is. At first glance, I thought it might be the M-27 IAR. But I can't see the telltale red H&K symbology and the barrel looks a tad short. Still, it isn't a standard M4 (or doesn't look like one).

Next I saw this one of a Marine wearing what looks to me like a retro BDU flight suit. I give this one major style points since this looks like the kind of getup you'd find at the sook on Chicken Street. It takes a serious sense of camaraderie to go this native.

Lastly, I was blown away by this well-worn, full-on old school Force Recon 1911 pistol. The Corps for years has been custom gunsmithing these bad boys for the Corps' snake eater cadre and is debating a replacement. Not for this bubba, clearly. Think of the love that must go into maintaining this fine firearm. It's seen a lot of wear and tear, but I betcha the action is still smooth as silk. Also check out the Magpul P-Mags and the coupler he's got on there. Not sure what kind it is but I haven't seen a lot of these in action.

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