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Hook and Loop Without the Tear (Fooled)

[EDITOR'S NOTE:While Kit Up! tried to avoid the whole April Fool's Day spoof posts, it turns out we were the victims of such a prank. Our new friends at Zulu Nylon Gear wrote us a note this morning apologizing for the mixup. They have indeed not developed a silent Velcro product. We say there's no need to say 'sorry' after pulling off such a good prank. And Kit Up! is OK with being the victim of such a well thought out one (sort of).]

It was (and still is among some) the greatest complaint of the Army's ACU (not talking about the camo pattern UCP mind you): The new fangled velcro closures, while convenient and low maintenance, are loud when you open them, potentially compromising a tactical situation with the tearing sound of hook and loop.

Well, it looks as if at least one tactical gear company has developed a new product that takes the audio signature out of the equation. Called "Silent Rip," Zulu Tactical has begun to incorporate the stealthy sealer in its lineup of pouches, packs and accessories.

Might be worth a look for retrofitting onto old ACUs and incorporating into new ones...?

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