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Crye Uniform Order to be Woodland

We reported last week that MarSOC had issued a notice of intent on FedBizOpps to procure nearly 1,000 sets of Fire Resistant Organizational Gear ensembles from Crye Precision.

We weren't sure what pattern these uniforms would be in and the FBO documentation didn't say. The notice was updated two days later to reflect that the Corps wanted them in woodland camo and wanted them made in a specified material...

The uniforms that will be provided by Crye Precision, Inc will be a Defender M material in NATO woodland print with modified pockets and drawstrings. The uniforms will also contain knee and elbow pad inserts. 
We pinged Crye and got a note last week that the notice on FBO was the first the company had heard of MarSOC's request. Our Crye source told us they had supplied the leathernecks with "a custom variant of our G3 Combat Shirt and Pant using the NATO Woodland pattern." Sounds like the same thing to us, but doesn't Propper make FROG for the Corps?

We're working to clarify the issue, but suffice it to say, MarSOC is poised to buy a bunch of Crye combat uniforms in woodland -- can you say Afghan army/commando training mission?

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