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Corner Shot! Own your blind spots..


The Corner Shot system has been out for a while but I thought that the Kit Up! readers would appreciate a look at the Corner Shot specs (originally developed in Israel).  I can think of a few urban environments I've been in (Afghanistan and Iraq) where this bad boy would come in handy.  Given the current situation in the Middle East, there should be plenty of opportunity to put this weapon to the test.  If there's anything else you guys would like to know post your comments and I'll do my best to dig it up.  For more info you can visit the Corner Shot site.




No. Item Description
1 Weight (excluding pistol) 3.860 Kg (8.5 lb)
2 Length Overall: 820mm (32.67") With stock folded: 640 mm (25.2") Pistol housing: 250mm (9.85") CSM frame: 390mm (15.35") Stock: 180mm (7.09")
3 Monitor Display size: 2.5”
4 Muzzle velocity Quick-change battery housing, for standard CR123 8X Lithium batteries.
5 Effective range For precision fire, single target: For area coverage using fragmentation munitions:
6 P.C.B Integrated P.C.B (Plastic Connector Board) connectors to improve the durability of the electric system and allow simple, efficient checks and maintenance.
7 Main Body The CSM body (weapons system) is molded from Polyamide + Fiber glass + Globules glass.
8 Metal parts Adapted to different types of pistols in accordance with the client's request.
9 Environmental conditions Dust-tight and protected against water jets.
10 Trigger pull Weight: 2.1Kg
11 Battery Battery continues operation 220 Min. minimum. Batteries type: CR123 Lithium. System voltage: 12V/6V
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