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Bandages over Bullets

Marz Tactical Gear has a clever solution for first responders searching for new ways to balance their kit. The new Combat Medic Pouch seems to put the essentials right where you need them.

I'm not saying it's a technological breakthrough, but this simple rig appears to offer medics and combat lifesaver-qualified troops with a nice alternative for managing their bandages and bullets, compared to other first-aid kits I have seen.

MARZ Tactical Gear's Combat Medic Pouch puts ammo and medical supplies right in the Medic's workspace. The pouch holds 3 M4 mags with bungee retention in the rear of the pouch. The main compartment has an adjustable "drawbridge" to allow the Medic to control the opening of the pouch.

It's hinged design does borrow from the EOD-style pouches on the market today, but incorporating this with a three-magazine shingle is a nice use of real estate.

The sticker price of $85.99 is a little steep but here's what you get:

•3 M4 mag slots on rear of pouch - fits PMAG™s with or without Ranger Plates •Non-slip bungee pull tabs •Bungee retention strap that is removable/ replaceable •Reverse zippers keep dirt and moisture out of pouch •Zipper covers eliminated to prevent catching when opening/ closing •Grommet in bottom •Pull tab for main compartment to allow quick one handed access •Adjustable 550 cord "drawbridge" allows user to control opening of pouch •Internal mesh pocket in rear of pouch •Smaller elastic loops on inside of flap for NPAs, catheters, etc. •Larger elastic loops on inside of flap for Hemostatic agents, tourniquets, dressings, etc. •Loop on outside of pouch to attach patches •Has no external webbing to minimize footprint •Designed primarily as a medical pouch, but can be used for EOD, utility, etc.
Now, I realize  you can create a similar rig by mounting a medic pouch onto the PALs webbing of a three-magazine shingle, but I'm not sure it would be as stable.

If there are combat medics or anybody else out there who have used a similar setup, please feel free to praise it or trash it.

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