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When You Gotta Ditch, Grab This


The Army has developed an official "Go Bag" for aircraft crewmen who need to ditch in Indian Country.

The so-called Survival Kit, Ready Access, Modular (ugh...) has all the things you need for an E&E, with a little extra love thrown in.

The SKRAM Go Bag is sized to contain both the Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) mandatory minimum gear and 100 ounces of water; a second Go Bag provides carriage for additional mission-specific gear. Two M-4 magazine pouches are also provided for carrying additional ammunition.

- Additional ammunition 
 - Insertable on-the-go hydration system - Rapid Fielding Initiative Modular Sleep System - Mandatory minimum ALSE gear, including food and water
 - Additional environmental gear 
 - In-line filter for on-the-go purification

PEO released a solicitation for this back in '09. The slides below come from a media day back in May and give a whole lot more detail on what the system is supposed to do and carry. The only interested vendor listed on the FBO solicitation is Amcraft Manufacturing Inc.

Aircraft Go Bag

We'll ping PEO for more details.

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