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The Best Tactical iPhone Case


Kit Up! received a brand new (and much saught after) piece of gear that has made a huge difference in our staff's (my) life.

It may be small, it may be plastic, it may be black. But it does have a minuscule label that says huge things.

My iPhone 4 is one of the best pieces of gear ever invented my man. Its destruction would throw me into terrible depression and borderline psychosis. How to best protect it?

Why Magpul, of course.

Who better than the masters of AR accessories to construct the worlds greatest iPhone 4 protector. Strange, I know, but I must say, the Magpul Executive Field Case for the iPhone 4 is by far the best case I've ever had for either my iPhone 3 or 4. It's low enough profile not to be obnoxious (Otter Box) but still has enough bulk to take most impacts.

It grips well, keeps the screen usable and, most important, doesn't inhibit after-market chargers and cables (a major gripe with early non-Apple iPhone accessories).

And there's that subtle element of Tacti-Cool in the whole thing. Only your bros who know the deal will know it. But I can see sniper A pulling out his iPhone to deploy the Knights Armament range app or door kicker B launching his shot timer app at the range and sprinkling in that extra ounce of image sporting a Magpul iPhone accessory that can result in a pound of performance.

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