The AK-47 of Autoloaders


Kit Up! reader Moondog brought up an interesting point in the discussion of yesterday's post on the double-Glock gizmo.

He defended the Glock as the "AK-47" of pistols.

Now, I know that this sentiment isn't new, but it got me thinking: what is the AK-47 of pistols.

A couple caveats before you all go high and to the right on me. I'm talking about automatic pistols typically used by US forces (we'll do a foreign one later) that are reliable, easy to use and durable. Accuracy, rate of fire and all the other factors down in the weeds aren't part of this, though please feel free to discuss why they should be.

It's kind of like the AK-47. Can the pistol be used by any schmoe, will it got through multiple magazines after it's been dropped in a mud puddle, and can you run it over with a truck without breaking it? Simplicity of manufacture (like Chivers points to in his book) can be a factor, but wasn't in my picks.

So here it goes. After consulting with Kit Up! contributors, staff and other strap hangers, here's our list. We'll let you all select the ultimate winner and make an announcement tomorrow.

What Is The 'AK-47' Of Pistols?online survey

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