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SEALs to Keep Combat Uniform


SEALs wearing the Navy Working Uniform Type II -- Blackhawk HPFU

We'll be posting a story on this afternoon about the delayed decision and issue of the Navy's new working uniform in Type II and III camouflage.

What we can tell KU readers now, however, is that Navy leadership has decided that the SEALs -- and those "in support" of SEAL teams -- will be issued the more high-tech combat uniform and will not be subjected to the "garrison" cut of what might eventually become the final NWU Type II and III design.

If this is a bit confusing, we understand. Be sure to read the story we wrote on the progress of the Navy Working Uniform Type II and Type III at and the further (informed) speculation of the controversy over which design will be picked in our post at Kit Up!

Now it seems the SEALs have won their fight to keep the big arm pockets, angled chest pockets and articulated cut of their NWUs, while Riverine, EOD and Intel specialists could still be subjected to the clout of the Seabee community, which wants a more garrison style along the lines of the Type I NWU (though still in the Type III woodland scheme, not the blue and gray "fleet" camo).

We'll be disclosing some other information about legacy Navy uniforms in the story to be posted this afternoon -- we're giving Navy HQ a chance to respond to some follow-ups. So be sure to check out the News at this afternoon for an update.

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