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Revision Teases New Shades for the Tacticool Operator


It's not a company that spools out long lines of glasses to please every taste. What they do, they do well by keeping the style second to performance.

As most Kit Up! readers well know, I'm a huge fan of my Revision ballistic glasses and as far as form, fit and function goes, they're hard to beat (I did have the opportunity to field test the new Wiley-X Talons -- more on those in a few days). But when it comes to needing some ballistic capability in your eyewear without looking like some roided out Blackwater contractor wearing Oakley Blades, Revision fell short on their selection of the, shall-we-say "covert" styles.

Well, now Revision has revealed it plans to release a cool looking pair of shades that'll keep the sun and IED frags out of your lookers with the added benefit of being chick magnets (I'm totally making that up). Called the Vipertail, from the sliver of a shot we see in their Facebook hosted promo video, they look pretty sweet.

Will they be as tacticool as some of Wiley-X's slimmed-down offerings? Unclear...But we'll let you know as soon as we get our mitts on some to test out.

(Thanks to ITS Tactical for the tipper)

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