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Put Your Pistol on Rails

One of our favorite accessory makers, EMA Tactical, has released a new version of its under barrel pistol rail system -- this time for Browning Mk II/III Hi Power pistols.

This is the only product of it's kind for the Hi Power.  The rail features 4 locations to position the light or laser.  The aluminum rail attaches quickly and easily onto the trigger guard providing a secure and stable platform for mounting a light or laser.  Two clamping shoes, held in place by two screws and a perpendicular set screw, secure the rail to the trigger guard.
The under barrel pistol rail system is made of machined aviation-grade aluminum and gives you plenty of room for a light or laser platform if your pistol doesn't already have one. The same under barrel rail system is also available for the Glock models, 1911, P226 and Beretta 92.

The system also reminds me of Wor4Tacrail, made by my mad scientist buddy David Woroner. His provides a rail all around and is exclusively for the Beretta M92. I hear tell he might be working on a model for our AK-47 of pistols too...

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