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More on the Army Aviator Evac Kit


I pinged PEO Soldier the other day for more details on the SKRAM developed for Army airmen who're in a ditch.

According to PEO, the kit is made by Fellfab Inc. in Atlanta, Ga., but judging from their web site, these guys look like purely fabricators not designers.

The kit contains:

  • A Go-Bag module (two per SKRAM except for Apache has one Go-Bag replaced by a hydration carrier); one
  • Gear Insert; two M-4 Ammo pouches.
  • The Gear Insert organizes mandatory minimum ALSE gear, including food and water.
  • Additional environmental gear goes n second go-bag for use as environment dictates.
  • The Go-Bag has pocket for RFI Hydration bladder inside Go-Bag.
  • The Go-Bag has attachment straps for RFI Modular Sleep System.
Here's where it goes:
It is carried as cargo on the Black Hawk and Chinook. It can be attached to the seat rail in a Chinook using cargo tie-down strap. It is carried in the electronics bay for Kiowa and Apache.  The Apache will have a separate bag for hydration (RFI bladder) mounted in the cockpit as part of the SKRAM.
The SKRAM...
Can be used in place of the AMSS kit. The SKRAM provides the aviator with a bag that can be grabbed quickly and used in escape and evade scenarios. The modules allow the aviator to configure for the environment they will operating in.  The SKRAM carries the RFI bladder providing the aviator with accessible water during flight.
The Army plans to buy 22,000 of the evac kits. Show Full Article

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