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Korean K-11 Critiques


Our friends over at The Firearms Blog have been doing a good job reporting the trials and tribulations of South Korea's attempt at building an Objective Individual Combat Weapon.

The so-called K-11, made by Daewoo, couples a Stoner-looking 5.56 carbine with a bullpup 20mm airbursting grenade launcher and ties it all together with a full on fire control computer al-la The Punisher.

So far the Korean army has deployed 39 K-11s total, with 20 sent to Afghanistan -- but there are some serious problems.

Of that 20 are in Afghanistan. 7 of 20 in Afghanistan are faulty. The laser range finder has a bug and refuses to reset, one unit has a problem with the barrel and with correctly programming the airburst grenade, another has a condensation problem with the receiving lens and so range measurement does not work at night and another unit fires bursts of 5.56mm instead of single shots when in semi-auto.
Now that's some bad kimchi.

Our friends at the Firearms Blog think this is a "quality control" issue. We wonder if the Koreans have learned the lesson of the OICW. Sometimes it's best to keep the two weapon types separate...

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