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Elite Defense Aids Ranger Families


Our friends at Elite Defense are trying to enlist the help of the Kit Up! community in raising money for the children of two Army Rangers who died in Afghanistan last year.

Elite Defense is helping some friends of ours in raising money for the children of SSG Kevin Pape and SFC Lance Vogeler, from 1/75th Ranger Battalion. All proceeds from t-shirts sold will be given to the families. Shirts are $20 and come in sizes: small, medium, large, & x-large; shipping will be based on flat rate boxes from the post office, so a flat rate of $5 for 1-4 shirts and flat rate of $10 for 4 or more shirts. Do what you can, share the link with your friends! To order your shirt please contact us at this email address...
For those of you who might not know, Pape, 30, was killed in a firefight in Kunar province in November. He was "literally the lead Ranger in a heavy firefight against a large number of Taliban in some of the most rugged and extreme terrain in Afghanistan," his commander said. He leaves behind his wife, Amelia, and his three year-old daughter Anneka.

Vogeler, 29, was killed in October by "indirect fire" in Helmand. He was assigned to a mortar platoon  in the Regiment and leaves behind his wife Melissa, 11 year-old daughter Madison Eyler and 10 year-old son Kyle Vogeler. His wife was expecting a third child at the time of his death.

I know we're presented with a lot of these kind of requests, but Elite Defense is a good company and I know we have some Rangers who frequent this board. So just remember, a little bit can go a long way for a family who lost a loved one in combat.

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