Desert Tactical's 'Concealable' Sniper Rifle


The stats say it's a full-on rifle that can reach out and accurately touch targets in the 1,000 yard range -- but the whole thing fits in the same footprint as a freakin' MP-5 subgun!?

Kit Up! received an email yesterday from Desert Tactical about their newly revamped Web site (looks pretty good to us) and noticed the Covert SRS Rifle Chasis in their New Products list.

According the DTA, the SRS Rifle can be configured in the most popular sniper rounds for that range, including 308, 300 WinMag and 338 Lapua. The whole thing comes in at 26" overall and accommodates a 16" barrel -- but you can also go long if you want to.

The SRS Covert was purpose-designed for Police and Military snipers needing ultimate concealability and maneuverability. The rifle’s 26-inch overall length puts it in the submachinegun length class. The Covert’s 16-inch barrels provide 1000 yard capability with exceptional accuracy. The Covert is fully compatible with 26-inch barrel SRS conversion kits.
The whole setup with barrel, action and chasis comes in at about $4,000. Anyone ever shot one of these? Show Full Article
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