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BREAKING NEWS: Commission Recommends Women in Combat


We're pulling string together on a breaking news story on that a congressionally-mandated panel on "diversity" in the military has recommended that the Pentagon abandon its rule barring women from being assigned to units involved in "direct ground combat."

These policies constitute a structural barrier that prevents women from entering the tactical/operational career fields associated with promotion to the flag/general officer grades and from serving in career-enhancing assignments.
Hard to argue that...

The commission, headed by retired Air Force Gen. Lester Lyles recommends a phased approach to integrating women into combat units.

  1. Women in career fields/specialties currently open to them should be immediatrely able to be assigned to any unit that requires that career field/specialty, consistent with the current operational environment.
  2. DoD and the services should take deliberate steps in a phased approach to open additional career fields and units involved in "direct ground combat" to qualified women.
  3. DoD and the services should report to Congress the process and timeline for removing barriers that inhibit women from achieving senior leadership positions.
One of the commission's key points is that the current restrictions inhibit commanders' ability to pick the best trooper for the job. I can see how this might apply to intel analysts, sigint folks and MI troops. 

We've heard rumblings of this from former Army COS Casey and a recent announcement from USASOC asking for female engagement team members for its units. Seems the horse has left the barn and it won't be long before GI Jane moves out of Hollywood and into the Teams...

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