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Beretta ARX 160 Test Shoot


Our friends at Tactical-Life sent us a tipper on a first-person evaluation of Beretta's new assault rifle.

We posted a story back in July about the Italian army fielding the modular ARX-160 rifle in Afghanistan. But it now seems that Beretta is flacking the rifle for potential entry into the Army's improved carbine competition.

From the looks of TL's test shoot, the rifle fires smoothly and controllably and comes in a futuristic package without being too Starship Troopers.

One of the features that sounded really interesting was the ability to switch which side the shells eject from with nothing more than a bullet tip. Many have done this but it has always been awkward and anything but easy in the field.

There are a ton of innovations in this system, too include taking it down to the bare parts with zero tools. The attachment of a 40mm grenade launcher with one pin, other ambidextrous controls and many more.

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