Air Guard Looking for Airsoft Rifles


The Idaho Air National guard put a call out for top-of-the-line Airsoft rifles that simulate the weight and operation of M4s.

The 124th Fighter Wing is looking for 20 Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD CQB-R rifles, a bunch of mags and some battery rechargers. This marks the second big buy we've seen by a Guard or Reserve unit to fill out their own locker of Airsoft equipment for training.

The blow back feature coupled together with the empty-magazine bolt-lock and release function, and the configurable 30 round magazine makes this a very realistic gun perfect even for law enforcement training purposes.
It's an interesting development and raises the question whether this kind of training gear might be the best option for cash-strapped part-time troops who could use the time working on basic military skills during their drill weekends instead of jerking around doing paperwork and playing hoops at the local armory.

Range time is hard to come by, and these citizen Soldiers are at the back of the line when it comes to getting on the schedule. Having this gear in the locker for weekend drill might be just the thing they need to keep skills sharp.

Here's a video I spotted with NY National Guardsmen using a drill weekend to work on some soldiering skills. Dorky, yes...but becoming more mainstream for training on the cheap? Maybe...


Pros/Cons, folks?

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