A More Elegant Alternative to the Sand Table


S.O. Tech -- with their no-frills approach to special operations accessories and equipment -- has developed a cool alternative to the plastic cups and broken sticks method of building sadn table to map out and brief upcoming ops.

Dubbed the Tactical Mission Planning Set, the kit includes a flexible, magnetic dry erase board with matching magnetic tiles that incorporate appropriate symbology for opposing forces. 

Our symbology includes commander, breacher, medic, police officer, EOD, psyops/negotiator and many other symbols applicable to military and law enforcement scenarios.

Dry erase markers can be used to draw building layouts, terrain and movements. Magnet symbols can be written on with erasable markers and magnets can be placed on a sand table or magnetic white board where the operational environment can be sketched and movements drawn.

Seems like a pretty good idea to me, having attended many a pre-mission brief constructed of the most random materials more appropriate for trash cans than operations planning.

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