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A (Losing) Battle for LA

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Ghost in the machine messed up my title...sorry for the earlier confusion]

I'll admit I was at first intrigued by the Battle: Los Angeles movie that hit theaters yesterday because I'm sort of a cynic -- maybe if it looks this bad, it's good?


I read the New York Magazine review of the flick which chronicles an alien attack on Los Angeles to steal water resources (wait, don't they pump in water from the Colorado river?) because I didn't get an invite to media preview of the film. That's usually a sign that the production company has so little confidence in the movie that it's afraid to show reporters.

Smart move.

But what really cemented my opinion was the above publicity pic, which was ironically included as an illustration to the NY Mag review despite, I'm sure, the reviewer's awareness of the idiocy of said pic.

Look closely: is that a PRR receiver Sgt. Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) has astutely positioned on the back of his body armor? How is he going to make a radio call again?

Good work Battle: LA...

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