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A Breaching Kit on Your Hip


Blackhawk! has just released a new, more compact set of breaching tools that fit on an operator's hip.

Called the Mini Deployment Kit, the setup includes a shrunken bolt cutter, breaching tool and a Micro ThunderSledge hammer.

The Mini Boltmaster is a compact and durable boltcutter featuring heat-treated cutting jaws with a 3/8” opening and a tension adjustment for fine tuning. The Mini Breacher gets teams in fast with its tempered, stainless steel wedge. Counter-angled friction ridges grip breaching surfaces securely and provide stability. It weighs less than five pounds and is just over a foot long—perfect for close-quarter situations.

The Micro ThunderSledge gives operators an effective tool that is compact and versatile. Its sure-grip handle system and lightweight design (4.6 lbs) make it an integral tool in any breaching kit.

The whole kit is contained in a small bag that fits on an operator's thigh. Offered at around $500, this could be a more "vehicle compatible" setup for Joes and Grunts popping gates in the Box.
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