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VIDEO: XM-25 on Patrol


Our friends at Soldier Systems posted a video this morning that shows the highlights of an embed by a French news team with a company from the 101st near Kandahar.

As SSD noted, the video shows the XM-25 in use, and at 4:12 shows the Soldier carrying the XM-25 using it as his primary weapon by sighting down on an opening in the compound they're searching. The Soldier is wearing a personal weapon: an M9 holstered to his chest rig.

You'll also see one poor sap carrying the Wolfhound threat warning system -- a backpack-mounted SIGINT interception system. Ward and I saw this being used during our air assault in Afghanistan in May.

Notice the Afghan National Army soldiers carrying M-16s.

At 6:26, what I think is the platoon sergeant steps on a pressure plate IED and the reporter is hit as well. There's no blood and guts, don't worry, but it's pretty damned freaky. I can't tell what happened to the sergeant -- my French isn't good enough to keep up -- but he looks like his legs and feet were banged up pretty bad.

It's truly worth a look. Une mine antipersonnel explose à quelques mètres d'un journaliste de TF1Vidéo OZAPsélectionnée dans Actualité

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