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SureFire Throws in Their Backup Sight Option


SureFire Rapid Transition Sight

There's been a flood of backup sight designs over the last couple years as some shooters who use holographic optics recognize the need for shorter-range options or an alternative if the power goes out on their primary.

It looks as if SureFire has thrown a product on the table to satisfy the needs of shooters who increasingly have to transition from medium to short range and want a simple solution that's adaptable to multiple platforms.

Dubbed the Rapid Transition Sight, it was designed by SureFire's suppressor division head Barry Deuck to be a simple, elegant solution for shooters who use a magnified optic as their primary sight.

-Ultra-Durable: Machined from 7075 aluminum alloy bar stock, light weight and twice the strength of 6061 T6 aluminum -½ MOA elevation and windage adjustments

-Mil-Spec Hard Anodized finish

-Same height above bore as standard M4/M16A4 sights

-Ambidextrous: can be mounted for left or right hand shooters

-45 degree offset

-Low profile over picatinny rail only rising 2/10th of an inch so that it does not interfere with your primary optics

-Mounts directly to the top picatinny rail of your rifle

-No Special Tools Required: only uses a flat head screw and can easily be done in the field

-Compatible with military IR Laser/Illuminators, front sight designed to clear beam path

Looks like a simple solution for those who might have to make these transitions in a combat environment like Afghanistan where your Trijicon might work well for engaging ambushers or FOB attacks, but when the doors are being kicked, the 4x might be too much.

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