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SCAR Lookalike in an Economical Package


We've had this little tidbit sitting on the back burner for a while and I thought now in the Dog Days of winter I'd pull it out of the Kit Up! back catalog.

The ISSC-Austria Mk-22 rifle debuted at SHOT this year and it's made a bit of a splash on the gun nut blogs. A Kit Up! friend who represents the Mk-22 manufacturer forwarded a great review of the rifle by a gun store in Kentucky.


Basically, the Mk-22 is a SCAR Mk-16 lookalike chambered in 22cal rimfire. The rifle looks solid and its all-metal construction and full-up rail systems invite accessorizing and tweaking. With 5.56 ammo staying pricey, an "assault rifle"-esque 22 might not be a bad thing to have when all you want to do is some plinking.

And at about $460, the Mk-22 doesn't put a $1,000+ dent in your already ravaged wallet.

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