Air Force Special Tactics Goes For Crye Armor -- Because Delta has 'em


According to a recent solicitation in FedBizOpps, the black side of the Air Force Special Tactics world is ditching their London Bridge plate carriers in favor of Crye's new CAGE armor.

Our friends at Military Morons has a good review of the CAGE, but documents accompanying the "brand name RFQ" say the Crye armor is superior to the London Bridge vest (and we're assuming it's the Devgroup LBT carrier) because it has a "state of the art pouch system that can be tailored to each operators use/need for multiple requirements. ... The system is an 'all inclusive kit' alleviating multiple vendor items (piece mill) making it one truly functional kit."

We wrote about Devgroup getting their CAGEs back in September.

It's a good piece of gear, we get it, and as Caleb Crye continues his ascendency to become the Steve Jobs of tactical gear we see why the J-est of SOC teams wants Crye (Apple Tactical)-made kit. And, oh yeah, the request is for the entire load bearing system -- all in MultiCam.

But one of the main reasons the special ops Airmen want their Crye CAGEs is to be compatible with the snake eaters they're operating with:

Unit Operators have field tested numerous brands/models of other body armor/carriers for this requirement. The Crye system has been tested and issued to counterpart tiers.

Umm, did they say "Unit" and "tiers"...? Story Continues
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