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VIDEO: Surefire High Capacity AR Mags


At yesterday's Media Day at the Range, Kit Up! had the chance to see Surefire's newly released 60 and 100-round rifle mags for AR platforms like the M-16, M4 and, yes, the M-27 Infantry Automatic Weapon.

You'll remember we did some coverage of the C-Mag, the ARMATAC SAW-MAG and the new Magpul Quad Stack magazine a few months ago and it now seems that Surefire has thrown its hat into the ring.


I had the chance to fire off the rest of the 100-round magazine at the Surefire lane and I'll tell you...that's a lot of rounds through an AR. The barrel and fore-end got really hot and plinking the 100-yard and 20-yard targets over and over got kind of boring, sorry to admit...

(Just a note: The Surefire rep is canting the rifle because he's got two sights on the platform -- a short range one set at an angle from the scope. Just didn't want you to think he was getting all gangsta on you...)

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