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VIDEO: KRISS Updates its Signature .45 Subgun

New for 2011, KRISS has radically updated its signature .45 caliber submachine gun with Picatinny rails, better ergonomics and a new collapsible stock, among other refinements.

Dubbed the KRISS K-10,  the company simplified the weapon's disassembly, replacing four pins with one, and will sell replacement uppers and lowers to switch out the platform between the cop favored .40 cal and 9mm rounds.


Not that I'm any kind of weapons expert at all, but I remember when KRISS debuted its subgun many years ago and it was a mishmash of custom parts and bolt ons. At one point, an early version of the weapon was banned from the range for safety reasons.

But the new K-10 is totally bad ass. With a forward pistol grip, holographic sight and suppressor, the K-10 is not just fun to shoot, but easy to keep on target even at blistering full auto. I'm not sure how well the company has penetrated the military and LE market (my suspicion is not too well), but they've sure got a cool weapon with a radical operating system.

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