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The Electronic Helmet Evolves with Gentex Scorpion


A few months back we had a chance to talk to Gentex at the Air Force Association symposium outside DC about their new helmet mounted cueing system.

We just got around to editing and posting this item, so sorry for the delay. But I thought it would be of interest to Kit Up! readers since SOF sometimes use flight helmets for jumping and off-road vehicle ops. Also, it seems that with lighter weight ballistic materials and shaping techniques, the helmet might evolve away from the ACH or even Ops Core model to a more full coverage template like the massive clunkers used by Russian special forces and interior force operators.


With the Scorpion, you can have all the data you need in a much more manageable package than the earlier Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, which made pilots look more like Martian unicorns than sky-sweeping swashbucklers.

Now I understand it's a leap between something that can be plugged into the flight systems of an aircraft and something akin to a more elegant Land Warrior capability. But if Gentex can significantly lighten and streamline the hardware, it won't be too long before door kickers find a way to use this kind of thing on their ground missions.

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