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Survey Says...

I'd like to thank Kit Up! readers for taking the time to participate in our short survey of content and what we need to improve on.

Here are some of the results that'll help shape the coverage in the next year:

Most of you said that our coverage of camouflage issues, pouches, armor and PEO were about right, but clearly many of you wanted more content on carbines and other gun issues. Interestingly, many of you wanted more coverage of operations, and in particular, operations that help shed light on how gear is used and performed.

I'd like to know more about HOW equipment is being used in the field. What SOPs or set-ups folks are using, for what operations, and why.  Of course, OPSEC permitting...
Most of you said Kit Up! covers the different services "About Right," though a good portion of you complained that the Coast Guard is underrepresented. My bad, I'll try to fix that. I will say that I personally think I under cover the Marine Corps and Air Force. I'm working on better sourcing for the Air Force ground pounders (special tactics and JTAC/TACP) but years of burning bridges with SYSCOM has left me in the cold on Marine Corps stuff. I'll continue to work it, but it's a tough nut for me to crack.

The top five areas readers wanted to see more content, included guns, operations, tactics, accessories and training.

Im a gear junkie as well, but I love to hear what new weapons are getting to the hands of our shooters. We no longer have current shows like Futureweapons or Mail Call to keep us informed.
Agreed, and I'll try to do a better job on guns.

There was a small faction of readers that lamented the old Kit Up!, where troops from the field sent in tips on how to fashion a coffee cup from an old plastic water bottle, or better uses for alligator clips and 550 chord.

I'd rather read about the 100 uses for an empty altoids container than Russian eotechs and some guy's bullet proof underwear. Miss the old articles on the little odds and ends.
Sorry, but that was the old Kit Up!, this is KU2.0 and we went from a blog that barely anyone read to one that's a major player on the entire network -- not to mention in the Pentagon, PEOs and Hill. I'm happy to do posts on 100 ways to use your old Altoids container so if you've got 'em, send 'em...But that model was a loser and we're not looking back.

There were also several survey takers who wanted to see more on field medical equipment, fitness and after-market training. Roger that, we're on it for 2011.

So, again, thanks for taking the survey and providing some really good feedback. We'll work hard to be more relevant, interesting and entertaining to our readers for the next CY and help make Kit Up! the premier source for info on tactical gear and guns...As we like to say "If you wear it or carry it, we cover it."

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