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Revision Gets Sawfly Contract for Canucks



We just got word that ballistic eyewear maker Revision inked a contract to supply the Canadian air force with up to 33,000 sunglass kits along with 44,000 extra lenses.

The initial [$2.7M CDN] contract is to supply 33,000 kits and 40,000 additional lenses in 2011 with a 5 year option period. Revision’s Sawfly Ballistic Eyewear was selected for its excellent ballistic and optical properties as well as the company’s past performance record. Revision first won the BEW contract for Canadian land forces in 2003 and has supplied this eyewear through the 2003 – 2010 period.
Revision Sawfly glasses garner good reviews from and Kit Up! staff for their ease of use, light weight and lens options. Revision was kind enough to supply us with shades for our embed to Afghanistan in May, and we also got a few extra pairs to hand out to Joes and grunts who's issued specs broke down.

I will say the Wiley X has developed a similar pair of ballistic eyewear, and the company sent us a pair to demo. We'll have a video walkthrough and review on the new Wiley X Talon glasses soon. Based on the spec sheet, they have some interesting features that might make the Wileys more appealing to some...

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