Kit Up!

Kit Up! Is Going to SHOT...


...Now what do you want?

It's time for the Kit Up! crew (mostly me) to make our annual trek to the world's largest gun and gear convention -- the 2011 Sporting Hunting and Outdoor Trade show in Las Vegas, NV.

I'll be attending the Media Day at the Range on Monday (though there's some work going on to try to make it to the Mil/LE range day) and I'll have access to a ton of rifles, pistols, airguns, scopes, sights and other gear to demo and shoot. Don't worry, the Cannon Vixia will be in my hand so rest assured I'll be posting plenty of video. I'll also be working the Wordpress iPhone app, posting short pieces on things I'm seeing and interesting news.

Then I'll be trolling the floor of the actual show on Tuesday and Wednesday, with some meetings scheduled with Crosman, Aimpoint, Primaloft, Princeton Tec, CamelBak and others. I'm going to take a look at M4 varients, helmet technology, camouflage, Joint Combat Pistol contenders, rifle accessories, suppressors and lighting products.

But here's the call out, folks: I want to know what you want to see. Tell me what specific products you're interested in by posting to the comments or on our Tip Line and I'll do my best to get the gouge for you.

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